Security Update -


Important Message About Recent Home Depot Data Breach: 

You may have heard Home Depot's report that a data breach may have impacted shoppers at their stores.  As a result of this breach, some debit and credit card information may have been compromised. Rest assured that at First Capital Bank we are monitoring accounts on your behalf in the following ways:

  • 24/7 Account Monitoring thorough our partnership with Visa®.  Should Visa® have any concerns about any of our account holder cards, we are notified immediately and we will notify you.
  • Card Cancellation and Immediate Re-Issue.  Should we become aware your card has been compromised, we will promptly deactivate that card and re-issue a new card that is safe to use.

In addition to heightened diligence during situations such as this, know that First Capital Bank is continually monitoring your account to help protect you from fraud.  With the help of an industry leading service, EnFact™, we are able to identify card use that is not consistent with your typical use.  Should that occur, EnFact's™ Fraud Division may call you on our behalf. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about activity on your account, call our help desk at 804-273-1250, M-F from 8-5.  If your card is lost or stolen, promptly contact 1-800-472-3272, 24/7.


'Heartbleed Bug'

You may have seen recent news reports about widespread software security vulnerabilities - referred to in reports as the 'Heartbleed Bug' related to 'Open SSL Technology'. Protecting the safety and security of our systems and the information that you entrust to us is a top priority. We and our vendors are continually assessing our systems, including Online Banking. No vulnerabilities or breaches to our systems have been found as a result of this issue. Please be assured that we will continue to keep a close eye on this situation.

For more information on securitiy best practices, please reference Online Banking Safety.


Ongoing Security

The safeguarding of your accounts and confidential information is a top priority for First Capital Bank. We have instituted strong security measures to protect your personal and/or business accounts and your related information. If you are a user of Online Banking, we recommend that you educate yourself and your employees in order to best protect your accounts against online fraud and identity theft. Please take time to review and implement the practices recommended below.

Protecting Your Identity | Online Banking Safety | Security Alerts | Privacy Policy

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